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Superlatte is a range of barista approved powder blends in 6 superfood flavours. Simply add hot steamed milk to make a delicious hot latte.

In this guide we’ll show you two barista tested methods to make a Superlatte, as well as tips and tricks on how to perfect each cup. 

Our recipes are designed for a 250ml cup. Remember to always adjust the powder to milk ratio depending on your serving cup volume. 


This is the quickest method, with all mixing and steaming done in the milk jug. There’s no option for your barista to add latte art, unless fresh milk is steamed on the side and added on top.

The benefit of this method is speed and quality consistency.

1. In a milk jug, pour enough milk for your cup or glass tumbler – can be 240ml etc – measure the steamed milk needed to fill a cup.

2. Add the correct amount of powder, ideally, use a measuring spoon. 

3. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of coconut oil. Optional. 

4. Stir the mixture or use a handheld milk frother to quickly blend the powder into the milk. 5-10 seconds. Optional

5. Now use the coffee machine steam wand to froth the mixture as if steaming hot milk. 

6. Pour into the serving cup or glass tumbler. 


This is a 2-step method, whereby a cup is used to make an initial powder & milk paste, and clean steamed milk can be added on top, creating latte art in the final pour

The benefit of this method is presentation.

1. Steam a cup of milk in a jug

2. Using the serving cup or glass tumbler, add 1/4 steamed milk 

3. Add correct amount of Superlatte powder

4. Add 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil, from a heated spoon. Optional. 

5. Blend the mixture using a spoon or handheld milk frother (optional) for 5-10 seconds. Look for powder sitting at the bottom. Blend very well. 

6. Add the remaining steamed milk, creating latte art as per usual. 

Tips for the barista


Superlatte can be served with any milk including dairy, almond, soy, rice and oat. We suggest offering a plant-based milk as a healthy alternative. 


This is optional and will not impact taste, but rather texture. The benefits are a creamier latte, especially when using certain plant-based milk, as well as the health benefits of coconut oil in aiding absorption of fat soluble nutrients.

It’s useful if the spoon used for the oil is heated – so pass it under a shot of hot water Or, keep oil in a plastic squeeze bottle, on top of the coffee machine, where it will stay in liquid form and be easy to pour. 


If latte art is not an option, consider sprinkling on cinnamon for the Golden Cup, Purple Poet Latte and Ruby Chai latte, cocoa for the Red Velvet and Cosmic Choc Latte, and Superlatte matcha-mint powder for the Green Dream Latte. 


The use of a battery operated, handheld milk frother is optional but recommend to ensure a perfect blend of powder in milk.