Behold The Superlatte Blue Algae Latte

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Blue Algae Super Latte by Superlatte

There’s something new and blue on offer alongside our TurmericMatcha and Beetroot Lattes! It’s none other than our take on the Blue Algae Latte – the Superlatte Blue Liquorice!

This blue beauty is made with extremely special blue spirulina E3 Blue Majik™ Powder. Added to this, we’ve gone with a chocolate Liquorice Allsorts vibe, adding liquorice root powder, aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa and a pinch of our favourite cayenne pepper. The result is a true blue hue, with a surprising balance liquorice flavour. Delish!

Blue Majik™ is an extract from the microalgae Spirulina and is mainly made up of C-Phycocyanin, a protein complex responsible for the blue-green algae pigment. Blue Majik offers a variety of health benefits – the pretty blue colour is just an additional perk that we love!

This specific strain of algae is sourced from shallow, freshwater Klamath Lake in Oregon, where 17 different mineral-rich rivers flow into to maintain a significantly nutrient-dense body of water. The alkaline quality of the lake water is what allows for the constant reproduction of AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) blue-green algae, the source of Spirulina that Blue Majik is extracted from. This type of algae contains more protein than any other organism and its amino acid profile is almost entirely the same as that of the human body, which is why its consumption is so beneficial to our health!

We love Blue Majik™  so much that in addition to using it in our Lattes, we also now sell Blue Majik™ online in South Africa.