Homemade Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Recipe


Vegans and the dairy-free have never had it better, with more and more eateries offering the options we crave. None more than when it comes to our favourite hot drinks, now served with either soy, oat or almond milk in more cafes than not. But what about those delicious shakes, frappes and iced lattes that customers love on hot summers days? Alas, dairy ice cream still holds the throne – unless you’re lucky enough to have a vegan cafe on your doorstep.

If the cravings for a creamy, indulgent – yet healthy – iced latte, milk shake or bowl of ice cream hits hard, may we suggest our incredibly easy, vegan coconut ice cream? With no dairy or egg in sight, we developed this 2 ingredient ice cream to be near fool-proof!


Superlatte’s Homemade Vegan Coconut Ice Cream calls for just two ingredients and one essential tool, an ice cream maker with a frozen bowl. We highly recommend the Krupps machine, which is surprisingly affordable and proven to be durable.

With basic ingredients and no artificial flavours, Superlatte’s Homemade Vegan Coconut Ice Cream has a creamy, light coconut flavour that makes an excellent base for iced drinks.

It’s also a basic ice cream to which you can add additional ingredients – vanilla or cocoa – or Superlatte’s own Golden Latte, Red Velvet or Matcha Mint blends for delicious natural flavour and glorious colour in one easy step.

Makes approx 1.5L

You’ll need

  • Unrefined sweet syrup

    1 Tablespoon: Maple syrup and coconut blossom nectar work best. The thicker the better.

  • Coconut mILK

    2 Cans: Use a quality organic coconut milk (available at health food stores). Coconut Cream will be too thick.

  • Vanilla Essence - Optional

    1/2 Teaspoon: of quality, natural vanilla essence recommended but optional

  • Himalayan Salt - Optional

    1 Pinch


1. Freeze your ice cream machine bowl for at least 12 hours. The colder the better.
2. Combine all ingredients and blend in a jug or with a stick blender
3. Once the machine is on and the paddle is turning, pour the mixture into the bowl
5. Churning should take 10-30 minutes
6. With a non-scratch spatula, spoon the ice cream into a bowl or freezer-safe plastic container for storage

Ice cream machine tips

– The key to this extremely easy recipe is to use a quality ice cream machine
– And to ensure the ice cream machine bowl has been freezing for at least 12 hours. 24 hours – even better
– If the bowl has been in the freezer for 24 hours plus, you’ll have wonderful, firm ice cream in under 10 minutes. The texture is unbelievable!
– The Ice cream is best served or used directly after making – this is when the texture is best. However it can definitely be frozen to be used later – just expect the frozen homemade ice cream to be quite hard and in need of a decent thaw before use.
– Once the ice cream machine is in action, the wet ingredients will freeze on the sides of the bowl almost immediately causing the available paddle-turning space within the bowl to diminish. So don’t attempt to remove the lid and paddle for any reason (say to adjust a slightly off-connection of the paddle to the lid, or to add more mixture – there is an opening for that) as replacing the paddle will be tricky. The paddles won’t be able to spin properly as they now have less space to do so. You’ll have to empty the bowl, clean it out and start over again. This means, refreeze the bowl. Get the assembly right and you won’t have any failed attempt on your hands.

Lattes, shakes and more

With our yummy dairy and egg-free coconut ice cream on hand, the world is your oyster to create indulgent shakes, frappes and iced lattes. Why not make them functional and instagram worthy to boot, with a ton of freak shake and superfood latte recipes on pinterest, or these Superfood Iced Latte recipes from Superlatte?

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