The Superlatte Purple Sweet Potato Latte is here!

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superlatte purple sweet potato latte

Our rainbow latte family has welcomed a purple addition in the form of a luscious Purple Sweet Potato Latte!

Now you can add vibrant purple lattes to your TurmericMatcha and Beetroot latte instagram pics! That’s because we’ve launched our delish purple sweet potato latte blend, Purple Poet, in time for the change of season!

Along with the surprising lavender colour of a purple sweet potato latte, what can you expect to taste? A beautiful brew of organic purple sweet potato, aromatic cardamom, zesty ginger and warming cinnamon.

The good thing about the sweet potato latte is that it’s actually a bit of a nutrient bomb in a cup. Purple sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. You need vitamin A for good immunity – it helps shore up the mucus membranes of the nose making it harder for colds and flu to take hold, plus it’s essential for healthy eyesight.

Other nutrients in sweet potato include vitamin C, a selection of energising B vitamins and some of the vital minerals like copper and potassium. Add that to the calcium and other goodies in the milk and it’s a like a little frothy vitamin injection.

Add magic to your day with Superlatte’s heavenly Purple Poet Latte Blend available in 200g and 750g tubs.