Support Greyton Animal Sanctuary with Us

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R1 and 1 minute for farm animals at the OZCF farmer’s market this weekend


We believe in plant based for health, planet and animal cruelty. This weekend at the OZCF Market in Cape Town, we’re doing our best to help the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary to smash the final stretch in their Christmas fundraising campaign. 

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary in the Western Cape is a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary that helps rescued farm animals live their full and natural lives in peace and safety.

This weekend in Cape Town, for every vegan iced or hot latte sold, or 200g bag of Superlatte sold, we’ll donate R1 to Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary. Visitors are also invited to contribute to a collection tin. It’s not a lot, but it’s R1 and 1 minute towards helping the voiceless.

1 Minute and R1 is all that all that Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary is asking for. 

If you are able to donate one minute of your time and R1 of your money, you will be making the greatest difference in helping support the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Many of Greyton’s rescued animals have escaped or been confiscated from the farm animal production industry, others were surrendered or brought to the sanctuary because they were orphaned, sick, injured or abandoned. The sanctuary also reaches out to the community to encourage compassion to all sentient beings.

Let’s make a difference TODAY that will have a long-lasting effect on these beautiful creatures

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